AIM Assignment 7

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Demonstrate an understanding of basic principles of information architecture, and the practical application of XHTML and CSS.

Choose a cultural or critical theory topic on which to base a "Zen Garden" design.

Create your own original redesign of CSS Zen Garden. Do not rehash an existing design. Start first with a concept based on your cultural or critical theory topic, then build your redesign.

Class Assigned AIM Class9
Class Due AIM Class10

Course Objectives

This project supports the following course objectives:

  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate media into an interactive multimedia project.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying concepts behind, and be able to create, interactive projects using current production technologies.
  • Be able to develop goal-oriented media.
  • Apply cultural and critical theory to create work that considers contemporary cultural and social conditions.
  • Produce finished piece for inclusion in student portfolio.