AIM Assignment 3

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Assignment 3: Compression


Format: A webpage with 6 images and a description of each image. The images will be compressed examples of two images provided for the class.

Due: Before fourth class begins (uploaded and linked)


Download the two original class images, and compress each as a gif, jpg, and png.

Write a short analysis of the process - which compression produces the smallest file size with the best image quality?

For each compression, describe your process (for example, with jpg, what settings did you experiment with, and what were the final ones used?).

Make a simple webpage showing all 6 compressed images with descriptions of each. The page should be clean, easy to read and nicely laid out (i.e., it should be obvious which text goes with each image).

Class Assigned AIM Class3
Class Due AIM Class4

Course Objectives

This project supports the following course objective:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying concepts behind, and be able to create, interactive projects using current production technologies.