603 printer issue

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There has been an issue with terminals in 603 (the South Michigan Open Lab) not sending documents to the printer. Typically an error message will result.

To fix this, click on the Start menu. Open CONTROL PANEL.

Scroll down to PRINTERS, and open it.

You'll see a list of printers the computer is connected to. The printer labelled "603 Laserjet" will say something to the effect of, "Access Denied" or "Unable to Connect."

Select the printer. Right-click, and select "Delete."

Now, open up another explorer window. In the navigation bar, type in "\\SIAM2".

Scroll down to PRINTERS and open it.

Select the "603 Laserjet" printer.

Right-click, and select "Connect."

The issue should be resolved. Try printing a document to make sure it's resolved.