3D Composition for Interactive Media 2, Revised

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3D Composition for Interactive Media 2


This course is designed as an extension to the skills and theory presented in 3D Composition for Interactive Media 1. Students work with different forms of texturing techniques, various lighting strategies, rendering processes, use advanced dynamics, MEL scripting and create advanced models. The class also focuses on game asset preparation and exporting data sets to a game engine. Through class lectures and projects students will be proficient in constructing fully developed 3D scenes with textures usable in interactive environments and game spaces.


A more advanced study of the techniques of 3D composition and its associated components including MEL scripting, texturing and high-end rendering concepts. Prominent topics covered are as follows:

• Intermediate and Advanced Modeling Techniques: Polygon, Nurbs and Subdivided Polygon Modeling

• Exporting Models to a Game Engine: All 3D assets will be exported to a specific game engine defined by the Game Project class

• Texturing in Torque: Texture objects using procedural texture and the Torque 3D texturing tool

• MEL Scripting: Basic animation and expressions

• Lighting Techniques for Photo realistic lighting


Upon completion the student will be capable of advanced 3D modeling techniques, proficient at texturing, exporting to a specified game engine and have a basic knowledge of MEL scripting.