12hour Game Challenge 2011

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The Basic assumptions

  • Programmers like to program
  • Artists like to create
  • Programmers and Artists like to collaborate
  • Programmers and Artists like to show off
  • It's possible to make a game in 12 hours

Small Team Challenge 12 hour Game Challenge 2011

See site games from last year2010 Game Challenge Site

Students will form small teams to build a game collaboratively in 12 consecutive hours. The teams will be competing against each other each building their own version of the game. Each Team will be provided with 2 computers on the challenge day. There is no limit to the number of members on a team. There will be no platform restriction this time each team may choose their own platform. The game concept will be revealed on the challenge day. Each team need to a have a team leader. The team leader will need to be present at the beginning and at the end of the challenge 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. The team leader doesn't need to be present all day. Each team will be provided with computers and equipment that they request. Each team needs to have a freshman or first year transfer student to be eligible for prizes. we'll have even better prizes than last year.

Game Challenge Sign up Sheet 2011

Teams 2011

The Game

On May 15 2009 we completed this challenge.

It is possible to make a ‘game’ (let’s just agree to call what we made a game) in 12 hours.

Thanks to everyone for making the first 12 hour game challenge a success. It was so successful rather than finishing early we decided to almost do the project twice.

Well anyway we didn’t quite finish with the design document but we did get something that resembles a game. I think most everyone had fun and I look forward to hosting more challenges in the future. Maybe a multi team challenge next. Or how about and alumni challenge,

You can get the ‘game’,the source, and see a bunch of pictures @


The concept 2009

11 Programmers and Game Artists will build a game collaboratively in 12 consecutive hours. A single programmer/artist, 'Programmer ?' will devise a game concept prior to the event and write up a short design document that will be available when we start. No one but 'Programmer ?' will know the game concept before the day of the challenge. The initial programmer will have the first and last programming slot but will not have control over the project any other time. The game will be built on XNA.

A program manager will be named to organize the the project and this person can do any preliminary planning work that they want, but since they will not know what the concept is yet no actual production work may begin. 'Programmer ?' and the Program Manager will be chosen by IAM Staff.

The event will the place during manifest. Location is the front hallway of 916 S. Wabash. Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper will be provided for the programmers. The finished game will be shown off after 6:00 PM on the day of Manifest.

Sign up sheet is available in the Game Lab NS rm 121 Programmers may sign up in pairs, but there will only but one workstation for production of the game. You must use extreme programming(XP http://www.extremeprogramming.org/ ) if you sign up as a pair.

Program Manager: Morgan Robertson

Time Participants
7:00 AM Programmer ? Jeff Meyers
8:00 AM   Tavi
9:00 AM   Luke Stebner
10:00 AM   Brian Smith
11:00 AM   Gary Kapczak
12:00 PM AJ Kelly Tyler Kendrick
1:00 PM   Morgan Robertson
2:00 PM James Gordon (?) Sarah G.
3:00 PM Jeremy Khan Zach Breman
4:00 PM John Marsh Aaron B
5:00 PM Programmer ?  
6:00 PM Play Game

This website will be updated as people are accepted into the challenge. Seniors get first priority. Not everyone who signs up will be accepted.