VDI terminal logon

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When a machine wakes up you should see the Windows Connection Manager.

Choose ColumVDI from logon screen. It doesn't look clickable but it is


Choose the correct domain.

From the Domain Menu Choose

  • COLUM: For Students
  • AD600: For Faculty/Staff
  • IAM: IAM Students/Faculty/Staff
  • Students logon with username: OasisID password: [Capital First Insitial FirstName][lower First initial LastName][6-digit birthdate (MMDDYY)]
    • ie: Harry Potter Birthday July 31 1980 would be Hp073180
    • More Student_Workstation_Logon Instructions
    • The first time you logon it may ask you to Change you password. This is also your Office 365 password and colum.edu email password.
  • Faculty/staff logon with Colum.edu email credentials


If you have access to more that one Desktop pool please choose the appropriate machine. If you only have access to one pool you will be automagically connected


When you are done please choose logoff and disconnect from the top menu


You can also attach local usb devices from the top menu