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Register for Your Kivuto Account

Kivuto is an Adobe partner that will issue redemption codes for Faculty/Staff Work at Home Copies of Adobe Creative Cloud. These licenses should not be used for College owned computers. Adobe software for College owned equipment should be deployed though departmental or IT technical staff.



  • Fill in your confirmation email address


  • Fill in the Registration Fields
  • Be sure to use your @colum.edu email and select Register


  • A confirmation email should have been sent to the Columbia email


  • Once you have received the email click the verification link in the email


Use your Kivuto account get an access code

  • Sign In to Kivuto with your new Kivuto Account


  • Now that you are signed in
  • Select '"Faculty/Staff"' then Adobe then Adobe Creative Cloud


  • Select Add To Cart


  • Select Check Out


  • Read Terms and if you agree select I Accept


  • Proceed With Order for $0.00


  • Your order has been placed youe should get an email with the order info. The next step is by far the most difficult and many jedi have yet to master it: patience. Wait for the spinner to reveal your Redemption code.


  • Once the code appears copy it to your clipboard, write it down, or wait it will also be in an email. Select Redeem Now


Redeem you access code using your AdobeID

  • Sign in with your AdobeID or SIGN UP for a new one. We recommend using your Columbia email address as your AdobeID. If you already have an AdobeID with an existing subscription the Redemption code should extend your subscription for another year (need someone to test this)


  • In step 2 of the Adobe redemption type Columbia College Chicago into the Search box and select Columbia College Chicago, IL 60605 in the list
  • Select 'I am a teacher, faculty, or staff
  • Fill in the rest of the form and select Continue


  • Paste or type in your code from the Kivuto Site
  • Select Activate Membership


  • Read and select Accept Terms & Conditions. I don't know why Adobe makes you agree to an automatic renewal since this is free to faculty and staff. If your Adobe account has a payment method I would check it in 12 months and make sure it doesn't renew to a paid subscription. If your account doesn't have payment information I don't think they can charge you anyways so it will most likely deactivate your account until you enter an new code next year.


  • Continue past step 5. Already saw this in step 4?


  • Yeah that's right one more click almost there. Select Get Started


  • Ha, not yet. Select Open the Creative Cloud app'


  • Now if you have administrator privileges on the machine you are on you can install Creative Cloud


Vimeo Video tutorial for this walkthough https://vimeo.com/104333975

Renewing your Work At Home License for Adobe Creative Cloud

Step 1: Sign In to Kivuto

  • Go to the Kivuto web store for Columbia College Chicago here.
  • Click Sign In at the top-right corner of the page.


  • Use the account you first setup with Kivuto using your Columbia email to sign in with (Use the "Forgot Username or Password?" link if you do not remember the login)


Step 2: Renew Eligibility

  • You should see a red notification along the top of the page once you sign in saying that your eligibility has expired. With a link to renew.


  • Click that link to renew your eligibility.
  • Click the renew eligibility button


  • Enter your Columbia email that was originally used for the Adobe subscription


  • Enter your information again to verify and select the appropriate group to which you belong (Faculty or Staff) and click submit


  • Check your Columbia email for a confirmation from noreply@kivuto.com (If it does not appear check your spam inbox or click resend email confirmation).


Step 3: Purchase a Subscription Renewal Code

  • Go back to the Kivuto site for Columbia College Chicago here.
  • You should now see a red notification noting that this is a 1 year subscription


  • Click the Add To Cart Button


  • Click the Check Out button


  • Click I Accept to accept the terms for renewal


  • Enter contact information and click Proceed with order


  • Update information about your use of the product


Step 4: Redeeming your Code

  • You should now be presented with your redemption code in red text.


  • Drag and select the entire code and copy this to your clipboard or a notepad.
  • Click on the Redeem Now button


  • This will load a page for registering a new Adobe ID but since you are renewing click the sign in button at the bottom.


  • Fill in the information you originally used when setting up your Adobe account (should be your Columbia email)


  • Enter your redemption code and click Activate Membership


  • Click Get Started button


Step 5: Eat Cake

  • Your subscription should now be renewed and you can continue to use your Adobe WAH license for another year.


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