VDI Connections in Labs IAM

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Launch Horizon View Client

  • Mac Applications/Horizon View Client
  • Windows Start/Horizon View Client

Choose server mypc.colum.edu


  • If it's not there add it



Choose AD600 as the domain and use your email credentials


If you have more than 1 available desktop pool chose the pool you'd like to connect to. If you only have access to a single pool it may be connected automagically


IAM Drives Maps

  1. M: is IAM Classfolders
  2. R: is RenderBin
  3. Y: X: or Z: will be your homefolder this is slightly different than the labs all users are z: in the labs

All files on VDI machines need to be located on the network drives. The machine local drives are small and disposable please don't save anything to the local drives. At lease anything the you want to keep.


When you are done choose Disconnect and LogOff