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This tutorial will show you how to start a new page on MediaArts KB and upload an image to embed in that page.

Log In

You need a username and password to contribute to this site. Please contact the School of Media Arts for permission.

1 Log in.png

Click Edit

2 Main Page.png

Add Space

3 Add Space.png

Name New Page

4 Name New Page.png

New Page Link

5 New Page Link.png

New Page Content Window

Upload pictures and screenshots via "Upload file".

6 New page content.png

Upload Files

Choose files to upload. Please remember file names need to be unique throughout the entire wiki please chose your file names wisely. For example ScreenShot1.png is a bad name CreateNewWikiPage_01LogonPage.png is better. Please try to folow web image naming standards when possible

7 Choose file.png

Select File Name

Select the name of the uploaded file and copy it to paste into the content page.

Click the exclamation point logo in the upper left corner and then navigate back to your page and click "Edit"

8 file name.png

Enter Content

Enter content for the page. Then click "Save changes".

9 enter content.png

Changes Displayed

Save changes are then displayed. Click "Edit" to continue adding content to the page.

10 Changes displayed.png

Categories To Use

Pages are better when they use categories for organization. Please consider adding some catagories to your page. This page uses the categories below.