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For more information about Frequency TV:
Chris West, Operations Manager

Student Production Office
33 E. Congress, Rm. 212

What is Frequency TV?

Frequency TV is an informational channel bringing the Columbia College community to its viewers. Faculty profiles, student events, student services, announcements, news and entertainment all can be found on our various platforms. Student submissions are also part of the programming available to our viewing audience.

Frequency TV is a student-run, on-line television station and production facility creating content for the entire student body, faculty and staff of Columbia College Chicago. You can find them all around campus creating news packages, documentary-styled videos, promotional material, as well as various live coverage on their social media platforms and live stream found at

Who is Frequency TV?

Frequency TV is staffed by student work-aids acting as project coordinators, producers, writers, directors, technicians, editors and graphic artists. Students gain experience in client-based project development, production planning and implementation, script writing, shooting and editing, media management and live television production. Aside from the staff, Frequency TV is also populated by students enrolled in several Columbia College courses, as well as individual students looking to gain production experience via our “Volunteer (Freelance) List”. Frequency TV is a place where all students from the college community can take active roles and hone the skills they learn in the classroom in practical applications.

Where is Frequency TV?

Frequency TV’s Student Production Office is located in the 33 E. Congress building in Rm. 212. You can stop by at any time to get information and get involved. The staff will be happy to answer any questions for you and talk about our many opportunities.

How can I get involved?

Students can get involved with Frequency TV two ways. At any time during the semester, you can get on our “Volunteer (Freelance) List” or, at scheduled times during the semester, apply for a Work-Aid position. The Work-Aid position is a 20 hour/week job while volunteer students can get get involved with individual projects in varying capacities. Information for the hiring process will be announced on our social media platforms while students on the volunteer list will receive earlier notification.

You can find applications here:

Work-Aid Application:
Volunteer Application:

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