Game Culture Class

Game Culture 36-1100

The increasing popularity of games within today’s culture necessitates analysis of how games are impacted by social and ideological forces and influence them in turn. Questions like “Why do we play?” and “How do we play differently?” are explored, with many others, as students are guided through topics such as role-playing and identity, ethics, group behavior, competition, gender, race, and aesthetics in modern (and historical) games.

Prereqs: 52-1151, Writing & Rhetoric I

Coordinator: Tom Dowd

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  1. TyRidgeway

    I just started playing the new Devil May Cry game that recently came out. I didn’t mean to do it, but I beat the game the same day. I played this game because of the previous popularity of its predecessors, and through them I became a fan. Noooot too crazy about this one. Its a prequel, and I get that Dante doesn’t have his earlier awesomeness, but don’t do away with the things we love about Devil May Cry. The weapons are unbelievable easy to attain. They basically, give them to you with the exception of only a couple. The earlier DMC’s weapons were only attained after you killed a boss, plus they packed more of a punch as well. When you hit something in the older DMC’s, the screen shook and you felt powerful, this new one…not so much. Then in previous games you had the power to stop time, make doppelgangers, freeze and burn enemies, and many other things. The new one has only a few interchangeable weapons that have no adverse affects on the enemies other than hack and slash. The story line stunk compared to the others as well. If this was a new game that didn’t have the DMC name attached to it then I probably wouldn’t have been as harsh. But when you have the audacity to attach a name like DMC to your game…you better bring it! They failed…

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