Game Analysis: FFTA2 La Bangaa

Alright, today let’s talk about Bangaas. Bangaas are lizardlike bipeds that seem to have a thing for war. You will often find them as the beatsticks in the party, as physical oomph is what they’re made of.
My favorite of their straight on face beaters is the ‘Dragoon’ Job. This is a double whammy sort of job…with elemental attacks and raw physical ability as well. Not to mention they look freakin cool. Dragoons are one of the few classes that can use spears…which allow them to attack two squares instead of one (in a straight line). As such one of the tricks is to give them the secondary skill set of the gladiator (which has the Bangaa’s Ultima move) and go to town.
Now they also have a number of gimic/mage classes—many of which feel out of place. But having a big bad warrior who can ‘Cure’ or maybe ‘Haste’ is not such a bad thing. They also have a “cannoneer” job if you like guns and a “trickster” job if you like evil effects with your range. These all make them fairly versatile despite their heavy emphasis on face beating, and since semi-character Cid is one, you might as well get used to all these intricacies.
Next week, Nu Mou—because magic is good

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