Super Paper Mario

This game is incredible. Enough said, and besides the unnecessary dialogue the game should be played by everyone. I think one of the most innovative things about this title is the use of 2-D versus 3-D. Mario is the only one who can change the dimensions. This aspect alone adds another aspect to the game. If the game were not to use this trick, the game would still be great. But the flip adds to finding out where to go next, and when stuck it makes it so it is understood that the player should try flipping.

Besides long scenes, my other complaint is that the developers should have used opne of the buttons on the Wii to change characters and Pixls on the fly. This would have made the game more enjoyable as it is cumbersome to navigate menus in order to change to the character or Pixl that you need to use for a challenge. Otherwise, great game!

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