Interactive Media and Critical Theory Concordance

Metroid – feminism

The Metroid games were one of the first video game series to have a breakthrough female lead character.  The reveal at the end of the game when you find out the character you have been using all along is a female is a great example of feminism.  It literally shows you that a female game character can be just as bold and powerful as any male could.  I also think it brings to light that in the realm of video games there isn’t a single reason why females should be any different than males because its just a matter of changing some pixels and a few lines of code.

Commander Keen – Post Moderism

Commander Keen is a great example of a postmodern game in the sense that it tries to create a hyper realistic version of what it would be like to explore alien worlds in other galaxies.  Each level is a unique stage that fits the area of the planet you are on or if you are on a space station level then the level is a complex maze of buttons door hallways and switches as though you were really on a space station.  The game had a DOS platform and was a side scrolling game much like Super Mario Bros was for Nintendo.

Flower – Transmodernism

Flower is a great game that was designed to simply be a fun interactive game.  Its cool because there isn’t a score, penalties, or time limits you just simply peruse the level as the wind.  There is also no texts or speech used in the game, another cool aspect of the game is that you don’t have to use any buttons just use the motion axis in the controller. The music is also very much a key part and dynamic aspect of the game that reacts and responds to the player’s actions in the game.

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