GrrlGamer doesn’t get Guys

I’m a guy, so apparently I want a game with a vehicle, a big gun, no map, and a higher score for ignoring emotions and getting lost. Oh waits, that’s just what GrrlGamer says I must want because I have a Y-chromosome. Since there are so many lists about what girls want in games, they did exhaustive research that show what men want in games, read list all the male stereotypes. I hope Megan Parker is being tongue-in-check, because otherwise she’s no better than any of the magazines that say girls, not women, only want casual games aimed at teen and pre-teens. I forgot to mention, apparently I also want to either save a princess in skimpy clothing with breast like those I talked about last week and a pea-sized brain, or if a member of the team has to be female, than she looks like the princess I would normally save. This list is more of a masturbatory fantasy than the plan for the “perfect game for men.”

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