The New Copter is MINEEEE!

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Limited time as a result of final projects and graduation, however I have played some more Battlefield 2 this week. This time I was able to play the map Honor, as opposed to the popular Backstab level. In Honor, it is chinese versus american forces, and for my 1st time I actually sided with the americans for one reason… the lotus! The lotus is a super lightweight two seater jet prop turbine copter with the capabilities of turning on a dime. Unlike the typical copter I pilot in Backstab, this baby can mow down any enemy forces with its super sharp maneuvering abilities and speedy missile launches. The only problem with this copter is that because its super light weight, it cant sustain as much damage, but what cant hit you cant hurt you right? Anyway so, a little funny side story is while I was playing i was making a mad dash for the copter as a team mate was also looking to snag it for himself. Being the resourceful player that I am, I jumped into a jeep and started driving in the direction of the copter in an attempt to beat him. He was fortunate enough to spawn closer to the copter, but as soon as he was close enough I jumped out of the jeep and jumped into the copter. The jeep crushed him but since i jumped out right before, it didn’t count as a team kill. I’m such a dirty player…

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