IAM’s SL Gallery up for an award

IAM’s SL island is up for an Avi Choice Award for “Favorite Art Gallery”.

If you’d like to vote for our island to win, visit: http://avichoiceawards.wordpress.com/vote-for-your-favorite/vote-misc-categories/


If you have an SL account you can visit our island by using this slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/I%20AM%20Columbia/128/128/22

If you don’t yet have an SL account and would like to try it out, you can download SecondLife for free at secondlife.com!

Our island has been in the news lately with the work of Man Michinaga (Patrick Lichty) and Ti Mosienko’s (Andrew Oleksiuk) Decentralized Networker Congress 2012.

“There is this wonderful American artist, Patrick Lichty, who built a sculpture of my brain and tumour in Second Life.”

“Artist Patrick Lichty used Iaconesi’s MRI data to make a 3D model of his brain tumor and posted it on the website Thingiverse. So now anyone with a 3D printer and an Internet connection can reproduce it. Thanks to Lichty, Iaconesi’s tumor also exists in the virtual world Second Life.”
IAM students and faculty exhibited work in conjunction with the Decentralized Networker Congress 2012 international network art festival November 2-4. The 2012 festival was held in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Decentralized World Wide Congress held in 1992. Gallery spaces in Canada, Serbia, Germany, United Kingdom, Argentina, Italy and USA hosted artists from all over the world. Hundreds of artists exhibited collage, visual poetry, intermedia, performance, video, 3D graphics, and multimedia in a variety of formats: web, email, telephony, mail, virtual worlds and streaming video. Students from Media Theory and Design classes participated in group mail art actions in collaboration with instructor Andrew Oleksiuk. Janell Baxter, Claudia Laska, Jason Geistweidt, Patrick Lichty and Janet Rooney also participated with interviews, conversations and artwork streamed live from the Interactive Art and Media’s “I AM Columbia” virtual world art space.

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