AlphaLab Game Jam

From November 16-17th AlphaLab held its first competitive game jam in which two teams sat down and worked on games for 36 hours.

During the Game Jam each team was given a noun and a verb that they had to use in the games they made. The noun they had to use was puppy and the verb was driving. The resulting games was a 2D Top-down driving game with a final turn based battle and a “catapult” game where you launched a puppy from a moving car to try and make him go as far as possible.

At the end of the day on the 17th three judges convened and determined which game was better based on creativity, the use of puppy and driving, playability, design, and how fun they were to play.

In the end, the game Pup-a-Pult, developed by students Tyler Camp, John Nicholson, Christina D’Attomo, Stefan Heinsen, Cameron Cooper, Mario Ramirez, Dan Hernbrott, and Jaekob Smiley won the judges over.

Here is their finished result,  Pup-A-Pult

However, the game Hounds developed by students Jack Bransky, Quintin Puebla, Cary Jasinski, Mike Shahen, Zach Rubenstein, Hannah Schaefer, Max Sandler, and Ian Harris came in a close second.

Here is their finished product, Hounds

Both teams did a great job over the course of 36 hours and the judges were impressed by all participants.

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