The Witcher 2: Agency

After running through the well dungeon, Geralt finally finds light at the end of the tunnel. Upon exiting the underground labyrinth, The player is confronted by the same dragon from an earlier memory. In the previous encounter, Geralt was unable to fight the monster and was forced to run from it. This time a battle ensues, but unfortunately the combat is determined by a series of quick-time events. Compared to previous dragon battles in games like Skyrim or Dragon Age, this contest was disappointing. Whenever combat is taken out of the hands of the player and performed using button mashing, It makes for a much less interesting experience. After the contest, Geralt is transported back into the dungeon, and finally given the opportunity to make his escape.
So far in The Witcher 2, my character has been stuck in a dungeon being questioned about past events. Every playable moment has been a memory of Geralt and stringing together these sequences is becoming arduous. I am beginning to question what these missions have to do with the overall goal of the game. This ties into the importance of agency in creating a fun video game. After playing the game for around 7 hours, I am still left wondering what the hell these missions have to do with anything. I think the overall expansiveness of The Witcher 2 is starting to hurt player agency. After playing the game for a long time now, I have just finished the prologue. My hope is that the prologue is just an overblown tutorial and the Witcher 2 will finally start to get compelling.

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