MTD RR10: Video Games and Computer Holding Power

The reading this week had a lot to do with escapism and how video games attribute to this idea. A majority of this reading centered on a boy named Jarish and his love for video games. He wanted to know everything about them and how they worked. He would spend hours playing them and mastering them. His high score would be on all the machines around his area. He got his own personal computer and started working on the code altering its properties, resulting in changing the state of the game. He said outside of the virtual world he didn’t have many friends and it was lonely.

Earlier parts of the reading talked about aggression being related to video games as well as social awkwardness. There is this sense of power associated with video games. the player is the one in control most of the time, regardless of the rules in the game. People find ways around this all the time by altering the code or using mods. This allows for easy escapism. There were comparisons to meditation and other things that made sense. Video games do help people relax, I mean they help me. If I’m super stressed out after a week or work and school, sometimes I just zone everything out and pop in some random game from my collection just to tone down and relax. I enter this alternate world where I can play the role of anything I want to be. Video games can be used for entertainment too, which is a good thing. I mean they’re more entertaining than movies, even though some can be compared to them.

The author also talked about kids being excited to learn the programming language. Also how it was harder to mess with the code on games when they were released on cartridges. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this reading.

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