Moon Intern ft. in Chicago RedEye

A team of game designers—and recent graduates from Interactive Arts & Media at Columbia College Chicago—were recently featured in Chicago Tribune’s RedEye after raising over $40,000 on Kickstarter.

“The recent Columbia College graduate and three former classmates started the company with almost no money or industry connections. They chose to stay in Chicago, which is hardly on par with Silicon Valley when it comes to tech opportunities. To top it off, their first project is a quirky, difficult-to-market PC game about an intern who runs thankless errands on the moon.

But after launching a campaign on crowdfunding website Kickstarter in July to finance the proposed game “Moon Intern,” Griffin’s team earned more than $43,000 in a single month, which was more than enough to pay for what essentially will be their part-time jobs for the next year.

‘It’s fun and really exciting,” said Griffin, 28, of Rogers Park. ‘It’s our dreams coming true. I still can’t believe it’s happening.'”

Going by the name, Cosmosaur, the team of designers includes:

  • Larry Griffin, Lead Designer, Lead Artist, Creator
  • Peter Gabriel, Lead Programmer, Game Designer
  • Mason Arrington, Lead Gameplay Scripter, Game Designer, Manager
  • Gewargis Envia, UI Lead, Game Designer

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