Montage away!

My montage contains very graphic material. A man falls to his death, a dog has a field day, and many things happen all in the time span of one epic minute! There are several different types of motion. There is camera motion everywhere. There is live motion from animals. There is the motion of energy such as the light turning on and off or the electricity current inside of the globe. There is the motion of objects just falling such as the stuffed dummy falling to its death or at the very end when all of the money is falling onto the ground. There is mechanical motion at the crematorium scene when the body is pulled in, the garage door opens, and the man goes back into the building. There is also wind motion, but that is hard to see. In order to know wind motion is there, it is necessary to hear it at the beginning. Whenever I have the opportunity to make a video, I like to throw fun things into it. The funnest part is the beginning when the dog is running around marking up his territory. I also like the chaos which I used special effects to demonstrate at the end where the globes full of electricity were floating all around the scene. I threw some things that were not as chaotic to balance the video out. An important reason why the money is at the end is because, it is a steady stream of motion that signals the video is about to be over. And what is even more important is that it is shown at the height of all of the chaos. I had fun with this project and also had much more footage. I found it really difficult to fit in everything that I wanted to fit in.

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