Internship @ Jellyvision Labs

Front-End Web Development Internship

The Jellyvision Lab Needs Front-End Development Interns

The Jellyvision Lab, Inc. is a small (60 people or so), creative, focused, and driven company, with a strong vision for bringing interactive communication to the web for Fortune 500 partners. Founded by the same folks who created the hit YOU DON’T KNOW JACK® game series, the Lab has expanded Jellyvision’s roster of engaging personalities beyond virtual game show hosts to virtual teachers, insurance agents, salespeople, advisors… you name it. We’re a digital marketing agency that has pioneered a new approach to interactivity called Interactive Conversation that allows machines to communicate more like people. Not in that AI robot sort of way, but in a radio/television, written-by-writers, performed-by-actors sort of way.

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