Fable II…wrapping it up.

I am one of those gamers that likes to attempt to get or achieve everything in a game.  Being married and broke most of the time doesn’t leave a lot of money for new video games on a regular basis, so the ones I do get, I beat the living hell out of.  Thus is the case with Fable II.  I have gained tons of renown in the World of Albion running missions, saving captured townsfolk, and decimating every enemy I come across.  I’ve earned all but one of my heroes, Reaver (the thief).  This guy goes and proves that there is no honor among thieves by giving you a dark seal and asks you to go return it to some people that it belongs to.  The Dark seal is this game’s version of the portrait of Dorian Grey, the man that sold his soul to the devil to stay immortal and youthful.  Whoever is carrying the dark seal gets greeted by the shadow judges.  They remind the player that whoever holds the seal is a sacrifice and the youth of the seal carrier is drained and turned into youth for Reaver.  Luckily for me, there was a young peasant girl in the room, so I passed it off to the poor girl.  I’m about to save the world, I don’t have time to be old and slow.

Once this mini-quest was complete, Theresa enters my head and lets me know that once I go visit Reaver, there is no turning back.  I have a handful of quests to finish up before I go and whoop up on Lucien.  I’ve noticed that there is a bit of lag in the game now…it could be my super old XBox though.  It’s to the point it needs a good smack to start up.  Regardless, Fable II has been an incredible and hilarious adventure, just as real life should be.  I am going to beat this bad boy and pick up Fable III next.

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