Skyrim 7

When my character entered the city of Markarth for the first time, there was a murder. My character finally did the mission to investigate what happened. The investigating starts off with a man asking for help with the death of a woman. The whole search leads into a conspiracy about some imprisoned people known as the Forsworn. Throughout the search there are people that the player runs into that threaten the player not to continue the search. My character ends up finding the main messenger who freely answers all my questions. After the conversation is over, the messenger and his entire staff try to attack the player. Once that was dealt with my character goes back to the man who gave me the mission. The player finds the man dead near a bunch of guards who blame the player for his death.

Once in jail the player gets two options either work with the forsworn to get out of the prison or kill the leader of the Forsworn and get proven innocent that way. My character chose to help the Forsworn escape. Near the end of the escape the leader gives the player all his equipment back and  uses the escape to make everyone forget about the player. That mission had some of the best twists and turns so far in the game.

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