McGonigal vs Colbert

I’ve seen Stephan Colbert on Who’s Line is it Anyway, and picked on the fact that he is very quick and intelligent. My dad spoke of him as being able to figuratively dance around his interviewees, leading them with logical questions before they have a chance to speak. I was preparing myself for an intellectual battle where Mcgonigal would be embarrassed.

Apparently not. I saw more shock and surprise on Stephen’s face than I expected. I can understand how someone who isn’t familiar with some of the scientific gaming projects would be taken aback at the “gaming cures cancer” statement. I myself was a little nonplussed – I was aware of a project that would encourage gamers to create new molecules. Science has been figuring out how problem-solving human behavior has been exploited for quite a while now. Games are merely simulations, the world another set of rules and problems that can be manipulated in such a way as to mask the connections to the real world. I’m glad that McGonigal is one of the figureheads for scientific gaming. Its about time that some of the positive uses of gaming be brought to light for the entire public to view.

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