Game blog #7 Brink

After about four or five hours behind the wheel of Bethesda’s “Brink”, I can conclude on one aspect of the game that I find negative.  The negative aspect resides in the game play and replayability.  Although I was taken back by the creative nature of the game, in regards to the storyline and presentation, I now find myself in a boring haze which could be described as a creative induced coma analogous to limbo.  Character customization has run it’s course after a few hours of playing.  Initially, the character customization was, as always with character customization, a lot of fun.   At this point you can only have so many variations before you have to actually take the game for what it is worth.  Brink is an attempt to change the game in arcade like run and gun multiplayer styles which has had great success by games such as Team Fortress.  Brink simply couldn’t match the smooth gameplay and the excitement of games such as Team Fortress, and that is the main reason Brink never caught on with a large gaming community.

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