The frustration takes hold again.

After beating the first boss/ level I returned to the Nexus to determine what I should do next. Once back I was told to travel up a series of stairs to talk to a NPC know as The Monumental. She tells me that her an a group of 6 used the Nexus to contain the Soul devouring behemoth mentioned within the opening cut scene. The other 5 Monumentals have since passed, with her on her last leg she request that you save the world from it’s eventual destruction. Warning you that it will not be easy, you are given the option to accept. I chose yes but I assume that you won’t be able to progress unless you choose yes. I am told that I must travel to 6 different lands and defeat the demons that plagues each of them. The levels can be done in any order and all seem to be vastly different.

Starting with the fire level, I reluctantly began the next zone. Surprisingly I managed to die within the first 5 min, and once again I have no idea what I am supposed to do. These enemies seem unbeatable, they take very low amounts of damage from my sword, but they can one shot me. If this is a pattern for the rest of the game, I find it hard to see why anyone other than a masochist would enjoy this game. The life that I did have is now gone and I am back to being a soul once again, I should probably just get used to this. On top of that I was wrong, this level feels exactly the same as the previous one with the exception of a scenery change. Thinking I might have better luck with one of the other levels, I head back to the Nexus to choose. None of the other zones sound any better than the others and if they are at all like the fire level, they will just make me more frustrated.

This time I chose to try the second part of the first level instead of starting something completely new again which seems to be going well so far. My only issue is that it is still the same, I have only fought about 5 different enemies in this whole level and I find myself now dying to the ridiculous environment trials. For instance, I once again have to cross a bridge and guess what, it’s got a dragon that swoops down and breaths fire. I just don’t understand the point of this, me dying to the same thing over and over again without any clue as to how to succeed just doesn’t make sense. I am done with this session, maybe I will have better luck next time.

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