I shall not be bested this time!

For what is hopefully the last time, I am stating my session at the beginning of the first level. I have got to say, I went into this game expecting it to be difficult and try my patience but I never imagined it would take me this long to beat the very first level. After rushing through the first part of the level I made my way back to the bridge with the Dragon. I discovered that the dragon breaths fire on a time interval, and it just so happens to be enough to get across the bridge as long as you don’t get stopped by the enemies along the way. After a few tries I successfully made it across and found a lever within a room right after. Flipping the switch caused a cut scene showing what looked like the gate from the start of the level opening, and then a spear shoots out from it. Assuming this where I am supposed to go, I make my way back to the start of the level hoping that this will be the end of it. Once at the gate a giant wall of fog is present, after passing through a large health bar appeared at the bottom. Held within a large dark room only lit by small torches, is the first boss. A giant black ball of ooze surrounded by a bunch of the black shield ooze I fought in session 3. They can all throw spears, and they like to do so all at once which makes it quite easy to dodge or block. Using some fire bombs I take out a portion of the smaller black ooze and can now attack the boss. After repeating that process about 6 times the boss was defeated. Without dying I actually managed to defeat the first boss! At this point I realize the first level is so brutal simply to get you used to Demon Souls. Felling accomplished I ended my session there.

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