Starting where I began… again

Once again I am starting from the beginning of the first level. I don’t even feel like fighting the enemies leading up to the spear man anymore so I decided to try and run past most of them. To my surprise I actually made it past a good number of them. With most other games I play I wouldn’t expect this wouldn’t be possible. Not going to complain about it though, this will save me a lot of time and frustration. After making my way to the Spear guy again and then dying almost immediately after it began, my sword breaks. The currency in Demon Souls is Souls which is also your experience, when you die you all of your souls are dropped and wait in the location where you died for you to retrieve them. I bring this up now because I just died and therefore have no Souls, which means I can’t repair my sword. With no sword and still no idea where to go things aren’t exactly go so well for me, this game is brutal to say the least. Looking through my inventory I find that I have two other swords available to me, a two handed blade and what appears to be a rapier. Both of these weapons have a completely different fighting style. The rapier, the first one I tried, has fast stab attacks that seem quite effective but are very difficult to control, I often end up missing. The two hander has much slower yet powerful attacks with an amazing reach and attack spread. One disadvantage of using the two hander, I can longer use my shield while attacking. Despite the lack of shield, I decided to use the two hander and press on. Finally getting back to the Spear guy I recovered my souls and tried to fight him one more time, this time with my two hander! I died, just as quickly as before.

Once again at the beginning I think to myself, there must be another way to go I must be doing something wrong. This time around I decided to explore everything, to leave no hallway undiscovered. As I was heading towards the Spear guy I got shot in the back with an arrow, turning around to find the enemy. I found a new path! With new found hope I am ready for anything that may come my way. Fighting my way through the next part of the level (finally) I come across many of the same enemies, nothing too exciting. I came across my first useful message left by another player which prevented me from walking of a ledge contained within a very dark room. Proceeding down the stairs instead of over the ledge I hear something moving around but I can’t see it anywhere. Suddenly I get hit by something and take half my health in damage. Upon further inspection I found a black blob like creature with a shield for a face and a giant spear in what I assume is it’s hand. They are easily defeated by attacking from behind. The remainder of the level goes smoothly until I reach a bridge filled with enemies. The enemies weren’t what was giving me trouble, I have fought enough of them that no matter how many I’m not worried. It was the Dragon that repeatedly swoops down and sets the bridge on fire, which is an instant death, that was giving me trouble. Stuck once again, I decided to end my session.

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