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Piercing the Spectacle, the article states that we live in a time that is heavily saturated with many forms of media. life is represented through various images, as the world becomes consumed with ads, commercials, technology, communication through smart devices. We are entering a time in which mass media has incorporated itself in our everyday lives. “I used to be fond of saying that people will always know the difference between media and reality. What I have come to understand is that, while we may know the difference very well, we are rarely called by representations of choice and action to enact our power more robustly in the real world.” As said in the article, we now have the choice to occupy ourselves in terms of having access to games on the varied devices. A game may not offer much but the fact that it has a ‘hooking factor’, a simple idea, that deals with almost nothing complex, but delivers instant gratification.

Education may not be a reoccurring theme in video games, for they don’t offer ideals beyond listening, learning, etc. There is little to no interaction, no agency to coincide within the realm of video games today. Learning is about following procedures, taking in information that should not be questioned. I for one do not want to spend time on a game that has no interaction value, nothing to stimulate, I want to be removed from the common conception of education. I would like to be involved in something that may not be possible in reality.

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