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I switched the game I was playing/analyzing from the first Mass Effect to the finale in the trilogy, Mass Effect 3. Playing on the PS3, I was able to upload my character’s information from the previous game, which was a really cool concept that I’m excited to see evolve throughout the game.

The game starts off with a long cinematic, which was a good introduction to the story. The first mission is escaping earth from the enemies, the Reapers. The non-diegetic instruction in this mission helps the player understand the new controls, if the player hasn’t played any of the other games before. Once learning the standard controls, the game is pretty easy to navigate, and looks like it’s going to live up to the previous games of a fun RPG/shooter.

As a player, I could almost feel the emotion of this game as I watched the expressions on the characters’ during the cinematic after the first mission is over-along with the dramatic setting and soundtrack bringing a very serious tone to this game. I really enjoyed the music, and the sound effects, with the loud, monstrous, machine-like bass sounds booming from the giant Reapers that are attacking Earth.

The second mission introduces a new enemy, Cerberus, which is an extremist terrorist trying to promote humanity. The player also meets an old character, Liara, who is a main part of the first game, and makes a cameo in the second. One problem I had with this mission was a point where the character is supposed to move on to the next section, but the game shows neither diegetically or non-diegetically where to go very well. After about 5 minutes of just running around the space of the game, I was able to find the appropriate path to move on.

The first hour or so of playing this game has been fantastic. I’m sure this game will be a fun play and will wrap up the series well.

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