Hierarchy and Creativity within the Spectacle

Brenda Laurel is pretty blunt with her explanation upon our culture and media status, but she is also pretty spot on. With the structure of our fast pace lifestyle along with our ambition to be more than what we are leads to two lives for every person. The first being the hierarchical status’d in which we as everyday people have school, a job, a routine or schedule for everyday life in which we all go through since childhood. Toddler, elementary school, middle and high school, college, jobs, careers, retirement, these are the social blocks of the usual life. But we all have our individual creativity that makes us want to be more of this or that, something that drives us to do things outside the social build or to pursue different paths within that build.

She gives good reasoning and facts that are very easily relatable to almost everyone. We all have this fix on life that we can’t overcome even though we want to. The rules and consequences that come with them will always be given to us at birth and while we grow some of us may try to get around those rules whether good or bad. It’s a natural expression for people to do what you want to do and not what everyone expects you to do.

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