MGS3: Earth, Fire, and Lightning

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After defeating The Fear and running through the previous warehouse I ended up in a large and thick forest on the other side. It was covered bright foliage, wildlife, and enemy soldiers. I had to take my time with this area trying to not be detected by the surrounding threats. Making it through the areas knocking any soldiers in my path unconscious with the tranquilizer gun. I began scavenging a bit of ammo and capturing surrounding fruits for food to keep Snake fit for the situation. I found my way into an enemy safe house and took out the guards from a distance. Upon entering the house, I was spotted by a guard I overlooked and more troops were sent after me. I ran out to hide for a while to escape their pursuit after me. Hiding under the house itself, I became impatient for the Alert time and decided to shoot all the guards in their feet to render them unconscious. What I forgot about during this process was that when a guard is asleep, surrounding guards will kick and awake them; once a guard fell asleep, the others would quickly wake him. I took the opportunity to shoot the guards when they awoke, this causing a cycle of guards falling asleep, waking up, and so-on. This amused me for about 10 minutes before I wanted to move on, which ended with a single grenade being tossed into the crowd of about 8 guardsmen. After crawling out of the house and over the pile of dead guards, I resumed my trail through the forest after looting the house of its goods and entered a cut-scene upon leaving the map.

Entering this new area, Snake is greeted by an elderly fellow who was previously asleep in the forest with the wilderness crawling all over him. This man announces himself from a distance as The End, and he has been sleeping to safe the last of his life for this very fight. A beam of light shines down upon the sky on The End as he takes aim through his sniper rifle and the fight begins with “The Father of Modern Sniping.” The player is thrown in a very large and unusual map for a one-on-one fight as it is divided in three parts. The fight is suppose to be a sniper-on-sniper duel between to soldiers, but for those taking the Stamina-kill approach, like myself, that is not an option. If choosing this path the player must search around the spacey maps with various rocky height changes and sneak around, out of The End’s sight, and shoot him close range with the tranquilizer gun. Looking for various tips to the location of this elderly sniper, the player must keep a sharp eye AND open ears to catch opportunities such as the reflection off The End’s Scope, his pet parrot’s faint small talk, The End’s mumbling under his breath, and even the “Z”s above his head when he dozes off. This starts off as a very intimidating fight because The End is apparently, “one with nature”, so he spots you easily if out in the open and can hear you walking if not watching your step. Lucky me, I spotted the reflection off his scope atop the small mountains pretty quick, so I worked my way to the northern section of the map. Slithering my way to The End after a few minutes of hugging walls and making best use of the codename “Snake”, I found him and used the D-pad to make my way toward him. The D-pad makes Snake move at the very minimum leaving no trace of footsteps or making any sounds. After creeping on him, I readied my tranquilizer gun and held him up by surprise. If held up, The End will lower his weapon and put his head down, I took this opportunity to get his special Camo. The End actually gives you his camouflage if you can successfully hold him up three times without taking your gun off of him. After attaining the camo, I foolishly assumed the fight was over and went to pick it up, he then dropped a flash grenade and escaped to another part of the map. My heart was broken after realizing I have to look for him multiple times, I know understood why people called this a long fight.

I equipped the “Spider-Camo” obtained from The Fear earlier which gives you a maximum Camo-Index but drains your stamina pretty quickly. So as I am looking for the end and trying to be as undetected as possible, I now have to keep Snake full and silently kill any nearby wildlife for food. After multiple findings of The End, holding him up, and shooting him in the back of the head each time with only being spotted once, his Stamina-bar was soon to be gone. He escaped my sights with one of his flash grenades and I had a hard time looking for him this time. I then noticed a large beam of light from the sky that highlighted part of the area and realized The Ends stamina bar regaining. Bricks were shat to the realization of having to hunt him down even more than before. I resumed this long and rigorous process to regain the advantage I was once at. After getting him to near-death once again, I was prepared to shoot The End for the final time. Until one problem… I completely ran out of ammunition for the tranquilizer gun and there were no stun grenades. The mental stress for this fight is alone a challenge because it put me through almost every obstacle I thought would never become a problem. I decided that it was too close to search for ammo and risk The End regaining Stamina, so the only way for me to end this was by hand. I put away Snakes weapons and completely changed the rules for this fight so much that it became quite humorous, the developers would be proud. These circumstances began a fist fight with an old man. I chased The End in between two maps and approaching him from certain directions to force his escape into where I knew I could easily pursue. I finished The End with solid punches and kicks and beat him to death. Literally. Starting a cut-scene in which the end acknowledges Snakes skill and dies while the surrounding life crawls all over him. His body shrivels and soon explodes into a cloud of old autumn-like leaves while hearing his voices whisper “The Endddddd.” across the map, opening a path for the player. Thus was the end for The End.

Going into this path the player is soon entering a small cramped room with one thing in it, a ladder. Known as “The Ladder” for those familiar with it, it’s basically a character of its own. When the player begins climbing the unusually long ladder, it goes on for about twenty seconds and then the theme of the game, “Snake Eater” as in the opening sequence, begins to play. The ladder is climbed for the entire duration of the song and ends in perfect execution as the player reaches to the top of it. The player is now greeted in a mountainous terrain where one must reach the summit to meet with EVA, the undercover agent assisting Snake in this mission. After doing the usual and by now, stress-free, stealthy approach and making way through enemy personnel the player is greeted with many ditches, holes, and fun vultures to shoot. Its a pretty short part with only 3 maps until the summit, but those maps hold a lot of enemy soldiers. By now I’ve become pretty good with the weapons and make head-shots in quick success, so I just take out everyone from afar and walk over their unconscious bodies. After looting them of course. Making my way to the hut on top of the summit a cut-scene triggers and Snake encounters EVA changing. She shows him the Grozny Grad fortress from the peak and tells him how to enter such a highly guarded place. She talks about an underground path that is accessed through a nearby hut also on the summit. Snake is supposed to capture and knock out Commander Raikov, who has just as much access to the base as Volgin and steal his suit to sneak deeper into the base and find Sokolov. After a bit more information about the place and an intimate talk between the two, EVA returns to the base on duty and Snake takes off. When control is given back to the player, there is plenty food and ammo in the hut to pick up if needed. Now moving back down the summit and entering a previously locked door to a new path with a ladder leading down. A cut-scene is triggered upon climbing the ladder.

Snake enters a very dark room that is set up like a dank grocery story, 6 long and cramped isles with a small space at the end connecting them. A man in a space suit and jet-pack walks around and talks to Snake about space travel. This man was once an astronaut and during his time in space, looking down on Earth surrounded by blackness, he was filled with rage. Talking about how everything became insignificant to him and how he wished to see the planet burn by his hands. He points is flamethrower at Snake and introduces himself, this man is The Fury. He takes flight from his jet-pack and this oven-baked fight begins.

I for one hated this fight. Simply because I hate fire in any game and it’s too cramped, making your options very limited. I started out equipping the night-vision goggles to find The Fury. I will admit I died on this fight quite a bit. But my strategy (when I finally developed one) was to shoot at him from the ends of the room down the isle he was in and run down a different isle avoiding his insanely long-ranged flamethrower to the other end of the room. He is simple, but his flame thrower does a lot of work. it shoots down each isle all the way very quickly and leaves the area covered in flames which burn. If hit, it takes a decent chunk of damage, you’re burned and you have to avoid the now-surrounding flames. After shot twice in succession, he flies off with in the direction he was shot at and goes down a different isle. Around the time he is at half-health, he begins running randomly down the isles and shoots short (but equally as long) bursts from his flamethrower. This can feel very suffocating for the player, feeling cramped, hot, and now half of the place is surrounded in flames that both stuns and burns Snake. When burned, the player has to treat Snakes burns, so when burned often one is healing often and can feel very tedious. It is possible to quickly extinguish the flames  by shooting the water pipes above all except two isles, but I found it near-useless due to how precise one has to be. After a few tries and some luck The Fury was put out. A scene triggers and he stops in his tracks and tells snake that he is getting ready for blast off. His entire suit bursts into flames and he removes his helmet, revealing a (still mostly covered) burnt face and the flames are sucked into his head. He falls to his knees and the rage within is released when he shoots off into the ceiling crashing through it. Soon a large flying trail of fire emits from the hole in the ceiling chasing snake through the isles. Snake runs through the exit door and the blaze crashes into the wall as “The Furyyyy” is moaned.

The player is then put into a small room with a few medical supplies and a ladder leading up and out of the underground path. Snake is now in the Grozny Grad fortress with a decent amount of enemy guards around. Personally it was one of the most simple ways to get around people, because it supplied lots of obstacles and paths to get around the soldiers. The entire area  I had a little fun with the guards knocking them out and leading others to spots where their unconscious bodies wouldn’t be found and soon found the entrance to the the west wing of the base to find Raivok. Inside the base was the worst situation ever for myself. I completely threw the idea of stealth out the window. What the player is supposed to do is sneak around the base and find Commander Raikov then knock him out and drag him to the locker rooms. What happened in my case was being spotted within two minutes of entering the building. I ran to the bathroom in an attempt to hide, but was followed by a line of enemy personnel. This lead to a large and impressive pile of unconscious scientists and soldiers (including Raikov) piled in the bathroom of the west wing. Afterwards I dragged Raikov, dropping him every 10 seconds to shoot and knock out yet another passing soldier. Once the player drags Raikov to the locker room, a cut-scene triggers and Snake takes Commander Raikov’s uniform and shoves his body in a locker. Control is given back to the player and for a flawless disguise, one must equip the “Mask” in the Face-Camo option which looks a lot like a previous Metal Gear Solid character who Raikov is based off of. In this state of flawless disguise, you can literally do whatever you want within the base, walk around freely, salute to nearby soldiers, even smack and grab the scrotum (Yes, grabbing of the scrotum. It’s what Raikov does apparently.) of anyone in the building. This is actually a lot more fun than it sounds. Once entering the depths of the West Wing, a cutscene triggers.

Snake has found Sokolov and is told about Volgin’s plans and how they’re currently successful. The Shagohod project is near-complete and plans of mass production is soon at hand. The mobile tank was just recently equipped with a ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missle) launcher capable of aiming anywhere.  Snake is then told about the Philosopher’s Legacy that Volgin inherited which is an endless fund of around one-hundred billion dollars. This fund was previously the fund of the three great powers; China, America, and the Soviet Union that funded everything in World War I and II. Once the Shagohod project was complete, orders to attack the States were soon to be followed to cause a World War III.  Mid-explanation from Sokolov, and the two are disturbed by the entrance of Volgin. Snake, still in disguise tries to act normal, but fails when unable to react to Volgin’s unusual greeting. Volgin without hesitation shoots Sokolov in both of his knees, as he falls Snake submits Volgin to the ground. The Boss walks in and then Submits Snake to the ground. She walks off after tearing off his mask and leaves the rest to Volgin. Volgin explains how his body can produce ten million watts of electricity then begins to beat Snake into an unconscious state. After the blackout Snake is how hanging in a chamber in a bloody state with a bag over his head and Volgin ready to begin his torture.

End Transmission…

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