Piercing the Spectacle Response

As I read “Piercing the Spectacle” I see in the beginning  that Dr. Laurel thinks we are dumb.  With that response I can be outraged about it, but really we already heard it over 1,000,000 times in our lives that really it’s just like a fly flying around, it doesn’t really bother me that much.  She also says that get addicted to the media, which I do agree with that our generation loves everything that comes from the media even the idiotic reality shows, but I don’t agree on the “we don’t have free time” anymore, because if we’re done with all of our work and we don’t have nothing to do, we decide on going on something like xbox live or facebook to do in my spare time; I think that sounds like free time to me.  The one thing I truly agree is about how school districts teachings are; how should I say this “NOT WORKING!”  Being thought idiotic things that I’m never going to use in the real world like preparing us for tests and some facts that wouldn’t apply in our life.  I can say this that school has screwed this generation over.

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