Internship/Job @ Saggezza, Chicago, IL

UX Designer

Desired Skills:
•Understands standards-based, cross-browser, multi-device design
•Proficient in wireframing sites and applications
•Familiar with the concept of prototyping
•Proficient in writing thoughtful, well-formed: XHTML, HTML5, and CSS3
•Familiar with responsive web design/development
•Understands native iOS and Android design constraints
•Strong attention to detail and excellent documentation skills
•Able to work closely with creative peers and managers
•Understands fundamental design principles such as grid-based designs and solid typography
•Understands how to design with and extend corporate branding guidelines
•Familiar with usability testing
•*Preferred – Familiar with at least 1 version control language (SVN or Git)

Job Roles / Responsibilities:
UX Designer
The candidate is a talented designer. The designer’s primary responsibility is translating business requirements into wireframe interaction designs and storyboards into final visual designs for desktop, mobile, and web applications. The design role depends greatly on user-centered design principles and usability testing to guide designs. The designer may also be responsible for documenting these designs in a design specification document. The candidate should have experience working directly with clients and be a self-starter. This position may require the candidate to work remotely, so good communication skills and time management are a requirement.

Detailed Responsibilities
•Responsible for cutting up of all images for Development Teams.
•Responsible for the creation of wireframes based on business requirements
•Ability to create Style Guides and Interaction Design Guides.
•Able to assist development teams by creating user interface code, adhering to the style and guidance of the design and technical teams and adhering to all required business requirements.
•Creation of all user interfaces should use Strict xHTML and CSS and JavaScript.
•Responsible for all cross browser testing and ensuring a consistent look and feel


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