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At the request of Sinamoi, Xian Mei had to undergo the quest Born to be Wild in Dead Island. The main task of the quest is to go back to the hotel when the hero had first awaken and go to the parking lot to retrieve a powerful vehicle. Along with retrieving the vehicle there are a few side missions that have to first be completed. Some of which include helping the survivor Mike find his friend Ken, who also requests the hero to find medical supplies for him, fixing the security systems, and so on.

Once defeating two Thugs the player will gain access into the hotel. Unlike the island environment, the inside of the hotel adds a little more fear for the player. When using the flashlight it becomes bothersome because of its short life (of which the player has to turn it off and wait for it to recharge). There is no map so the player has to navigate alone along dark corridors. The music that plays also can put the player in a panic mood for it makes for an uneasy atmosphere. Without the sunny beaches Dead Island becomes more frightening. Closed environment, creepy music, dark hallways, and no map really brings in the excitement.

As the hero ventures further, a voice calls out and says he can see the hero through the cameras. The man is named Mike Davis who was a security guard that promises the player he’ll tell them where the parking lot is if the player will find his friend Ken. With only the red point on the map, the player has to navigate blindly to the destination. After Mike explains what has happened to Ken, the player has to drop down into the elevator and continue the quest.

Since there were no real problems with the exception of the flashlight, Dead Island is starting to spark some interest once more. If Dead Island continues to add such an experience with little frustration as previously experience, then it might become enjoyable.


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