Little Sisters

Starting from where I killed Dr. Crazy, I quickly run into my first Little Sister. I didn’t have to fight the Big Daddy as I had feared. I also didn’t have to fight the Little Sister at all. Instead of the nasty demon child I expected, she’s just a little girl with weird eyes cowering in a corner. At this point I can either kill her for the maximum amount of Adam or rescue her to get less Adam but some reward from the random lady on the balcony. I believe that she showed up during one of the diaries I found while looking for Dr. Crazy, but I’m not sure. During several of my previous journals, my reaction to the Little Sisters was to instantly decide to kill them. Now that I’m actually looking at one, I’m no longer so sure. I don’t know how much of a reaction to this the developers intended, but I haven’t been this conflicted over a decision in a game in a long time. In the end, I decided to spare her life.
Mr. Save-my-family got a bit pissy after that, but if he wants to kill some little girl he can go do it himself. At this point I was able to go buy some stuff at the Gatherer’s Garden (aka magic shop) and I found out that switching out your superpowers is a pain in the ass. You have to be able to buy something and if you don’t make a decision right then and there, you lose your chance. This seems like very poor design on the part of the developers. I can see not being able to change out your abilities outside of the shop, but not being able to change them unless I buy something and make a snap decision? That’s a bit ridiculous and it also made me waste the next few minutes trying to find a way to change my abilities. I also have to mention that the song that plays if you stand in front of the store to long is absolutely terrifying.
I moved on and ran headlong into a Big Daddy. I panicked a bit, but it ended up not being as challenging as I thought it would. I was able to hide behind a counter for most of the fight and I got him stuck in a doorway for a little bit. And then I found out that when you kill the Big Daddy, the Little Sister starts crying. Apparently his name was Mr. Bubbles, and now I feel like a complete and utter ass. I saved her again and fortunately Mr. Save-my-family (who I found out is actually named Atlas, but I’m going to keep calling him Mr. Save-my-family.) kept his mouth shut this time. I finally got to the next area of the game, where I promptly discover a Gene Bank which lets me switch my abilities and completely invalidates my earlier displeasure with the developers of the game. I went into a fishing place where I fought another Big Daddy, only this one had a gun. I’ve only fought two of them so far, but it seems that they have rather bad AI. It’s been very easy to get both of them stuck on a door or a low platform. I found yet another shop area, but this time there was one of the Little Sisters at the shop and she left me a present. I got a bunch of Adam and I can also make friends with the diver people. My decision to not become a child murderer has paid off. Hooray! And on that high note, I am ending this journal.

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