Looking At The Overlooked Part Two: LAIR

Upon booting up the game and watching the first cutscene, I’m quite optimistic about LAIR. This visuals are solid, but I would imagine they looked even better when the title launched back in 2007, a time when few games took advantage of the PS3’s hardware. We meet the protagonist, Rohn and become acquainted with his dragon – but more imprtantly, how to fly it! Dragon riding has seldom been done this beautifully in games. As you whip your dragon causing him fly faster, you’ll notice it’s wings glimmer in the light whilst marveling at the beutifully detailed infastructure below. It’s not just graphically stunning, but the cell processor is clearly being utilized to the max, as the amount of things happening at once on-screen is breathtaking. Be it the infantry marching in formation or the dozens of dragons are flying about, shooting fire and ice from their mouths – there is ALWAYS something going on, and there’s a lot of it.

Unfortunately for LAIR (and myself) the compliments end there…

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