EBIGFY pg1-25

In the first 25 pages of his book, Steven Johnson introduces us to the idea of popular culture being on the rise in terms of sophistication mainly through the example of the card-and-dice baseball simulations that he played with as a child.  A lot of board games and dice games are viewed as low culture.  Not many people would go to a museum or a performance to watch someone play Dungeons and Dragons.  But the level of complexity in this games show that “low culture” is becoming more and more intelligent, increasing our intelligence rather than decreasing it, as is the popular belief.  Johnson also begins his argument supporting games in particular.  His main points focused on the general belief that reading books is the enlightened activity while gaming is a waste of time.  I particularly enjoyed his hypothetical scenario where video games had been invented long before books.  It really helped to highlight some of the major differences (perhaps even improvements) between games and books.  From what I have read so far in this short section, it seems like Mr. Johnson has a lot of valuable things to say and I look forward to reading them.


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