Insert Witty title about this book, EBiGfY

This book is definitely something I wish to continue reading. Usually when I read books for class, I would read because I’m forced to and don’t really have a good connection to what I’m reading, but this time around, I actually am enjoying this read. This book brings up an argument that has starting to become a big thing. The point that really got me was on page 19 when he brings up the argument that “What if videogames came first and books came afterward?” This idea just made me smile because it’s totally throws parents and other people who don’t like videogames for a loop. This argument is true to the extent that he explained it too and it made me want to actually want to read this book and finish it quickly. I hope this part is just he beginning. I hope he hasn’t brought out the big guns yet and is saving them for later.


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