I somewhat agree with Steven Johnson’s idea of the sleeper curve as in media that comes off as something less morally sound, but it will make our minds sharper. In this sense I can somewhat agree with him, but I still have my reserved feelings toward some media such as reality T.V. I think reality T.V makes an attempt at showing the “real” lives of people in everyday situations which can give us more insight into our society, but when there are such “quality” programs that are shown by MTV or BET for instance I’m not entirely sold on the benefits to these shows.

One thing I do agree with is the effect of the older generation dismissing the current generation’s media as detrimental to their growth or behavior especially as perceived by the mainstream media. As explained in this quote, “A comparable sleight of hand is at work anytime you hear someone bemoaning today’s video game obsessions, and their stupefying effects on tomorrow’s generations.” I feel as though this has happened often with video games. One such account was when Grand Theft Auto first came out I remember the media (mainly FOX) saying that games like these would eventually make our children violent and unruly members of society. While the only games you may hear about (positively) these days are most likely games that are able to get someone to exercise.

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