EBiGFY reponse to first 25 pages

After reading the first couple dozen pages of Everything Bad Is Good For You, I found Steven Johnson’s arguments quite perplexing coming from a gamer background.

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” a quote by William Shakespeare and the undeniable truth for those that understand its meaning. Unfortunately for Steven Johnson, he might not. He constantly uses the words good, bad, positive, and negative in association with games and culture without truly acknowledging the other side, if any. From my point of view, Johnson himself has already been or has accepted the brainwashing by popular culture and the use of exploits of others for his own benefits. He only says “good” and “bad” to cover it up and spread his influence.

In the end it was all for money. Johnson acknowledges and tries to promote the idea of “positive brainwashing” of media (pg 13) to make us “smarter” in the sense of decision making and problem solving. He also cuts out in what he calls morality play in order for readers to see his point but uses the annoying “gloating around neutrality” tone as well as earlier in the text.

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