Everything Bad is Good for You #1

Johnson presents us a series of comparisons to strengthen his argument that pop culture is being made smarter by the use of video games and television programs. However he contradicts himself slightly by stating that he does not necessarily agree with his example that he provides. The example that has stuck with me was his comparison and history re-write, regarding video games being developed before books. My feeling here is that it provides some truth to the matter, as i have argued this previously with my mother about this issue and considering her love of books i tried to use that against her as her behavior is similar to mine playing video games. I argued simply it was an external stimulus that i enjoyed similar to her love of books, and that i felt her disdain of me doing something that i enjoy was slightly hypocritical. Without previous knowledge of this book i too made the comparison of video games and books detailing elements such as plot, characters, the world that someone else has created for you, time spent doing the activity. The only true difference is the interactivity with the product. The first 25 pages of this book has already allowed me to strengthen my own resolve, and to think critically about what a video game is and what it does for me personally.

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