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Game Culture


In Ten Years


Within the next ten years video games will be used for more than just entertainment purposes. Just as the Navy uses a flight simulator, other military units and law enforcement will use it to train their forces. The more they develop these games the more realistic they can be, which will be all the training that the recruits will need.

In the past, video games were created with the thought of making them for entertainment purposes only. Until humans reached that point where they decided to use them in a more efficient way to help humanity learn. Instead of a video game being a form of entertainment, it can be used as a simulation of events to train law enforcement, military units, and pilots.

In the past years in order for pilots to get a feel for flying instead of putting them in a actual plane, a flight simulator, puts them in a virtual reality. In here the simulation is set up to where the trainee is provided instructions on what to do as if they are in a actual plane, from the preflight checks , to take off, measuring your gauges in the cockpit, and finally landing.

Since this was already being used by people in the navy for jet fighters and pilots, just imagine what it will be like for law enforcement and military. If we are able to implicate the same kind of technology where we can have soldiers and police officers train, the results would be tremendous. No longer would they have to just practice or go through training where the people have to spend resources to set up an entire scenario, and only so many people can participate in it at a time. Using a simulator, it can help trainee’s build a confidence level to where when you know that they are able to beat the simulator they can do the actual test, or have the simulator be there test. With as many possibilities to write different scenarios each and every way, people can have there limits tested to the highest degree. We are in that generation where technology is the way to the future, whether we embrace it or not.

Simulations are being designed for basic tasks, like cooking, programming, and driving. Instead of a real person, a simulation will teach life to humans. As technology progresses through another decade it will pick up. To the point where A.I is concerned, and that time is on it’s way without a doubt, where mankind will be so reliant on technology that it’ll will rise in stock. People like Jane Mcgonigal are now only just realizing the potential that video games can bring to human culture.

In video games there is a set algorithm that the player has to use, a path that they have to follow. It is the same for a simulation but video games are more for the pop culture. Video games generate a lot of revenue for businesses around the globe, it is a field where people thrive. As such these people are always looking for new ways to make money and using video games or creating simulations for law enforcement will be beneficial. The down side to this is that when video games become more of a tool to use for training, it loses its value.

Games are meant for the wide range of people who seek and escape from reality. They are not meant to be used as a teaching method, only for entertainment purposes. Video games are simulations, but they are made for situations that can happen in reality. Games do develop a persons senses and makes them more aware. In game guitar hero is used to try to help a person learn the results wouldn’t be good. Guitar hero has certain mechanics that will enhance hand and eye coordination but to help learn to play a guitar it will not.

Simulations can develop a persons mind and thought of how to solve problems that can happen in reality. What military and law enforcement do with their training program is give the trainees the basics. They then give them tests, a workout plan to follow, and then a situation test. This test is supposed to pit everything that they learned in a actual situation. It’s a standard protocol but it doesn’t give the trainee a real feel of the situation only a brief overview.

If a simulation can be created where it plays out a situation, instead of having a word test of what to do and what not to do. The results will be a better trained police officer or soldier. Humans learn better through action, not from just studying and reading a book. If the government can, which they will, change the structure of these tests to add a simulation their law enforcement will be better prepared. Not to say that education doesn’t play a big roll in human society but when will people learn that action shows more progress.

History shows that mankind becomes reliant on things that work a certain way that is beneficial  to them; as this technological era progresses we have no choice but to accelerate with it. A simulator can prepare millions of people for life lessons, think of it as another way to educate. But as technology as a whole advances, humans also digress because we start to rely on these systems to the point we want them to do everything for us, fast and simple. It always comes down to the reason of money, we want to conserve as much money as possible, but have as much as possible. Not everybody will benefit from when mankind start to use simulations, because those will become the teachers and the school all rolled into one entity.


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