Game Culture Watch #2

My beat is, and it’s been updated since last time with more reviews for new games.  Under the “Top stories” category are the reviews for D1 Grand Prix and One Piece Carnival.  Actually, I found this rather odd because after reading both articles, the reviewers stated that both games were awful.  In addition, these games weren’t hyped-up games so I don’t understand why these articles were considered the top story.

In addition, there are four more articles under the “Top stories” section that I assume still qualify as top stories.  One of them is the World of Warcraft article I wrote about in my last entry.  The second one is a new one, and it is a review for Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light.  While I’ve never heard of it, I do suppose it is rather unique because it is a RPG for the PSP.  Normally, you wouldn’t associate a hand-held system and a long RPG, so I suppose it’s good news for RPG fans who own a PSP.  In addition, it got a reasonable rating of 7/10, so it must be a decent game in its own regard.  The next two articles are about Rayman Raving Rabids and Madden NFL 07, which are both previews.  This is somewhat relevant, because it shows how game developers are getting lazy and repeatedly releasing the same games with slightly new content.  This is probably because of the immense cost of developing a game from scratch, and the inherent risk of developing and publishing a game with no predecessor.

There are also six subgenres with less important news (in this particular sites point of view) that cover the latest news, latest reviews, latest features, latest previews, upcoming releases, and latest media.  Most of these subgenres are pretty straightforward, but I thought that it was interesting how four out of the five articles in latest features involved World of Warcraft.  I suppose anyone with any interest in game culture should keep a close on WoW, given its obvious impact on the gaming community.

In any case, I can literally go on forever given how much content is on this site, so I suppose I won’t delve into the million reviews that are on the site.

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  • briley

    (10/05/2006 - 12:59 pm)

    Thanks for your post. This is certainly a good way to engage with your beat. At the same time, as you say you have to spread yourself a bit thin to talk about very much. You may want to focus on one story and comment more thoroughly about it instead of trying to comment on everything.

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