Indigo Prophecy, YOU’RE the Criminal

Four stabs is all it takes.  The man’s laying on the floor dead and you just killed him.  Now what?  This is how Indigo Prophecy drops you in the game.  You begin  just after your character, Lucas Kane, just killed a man while being seemingly possessed.  What’s next?  Do you run straight out the back door covered in blood, or do you try to clean up the mess real quick in order to buy yourself some time to get away unnoticed?  This is only one of the many decisions that Indigo Prophecy makes you have to choose in a split seconds notice.  The implementation of this mechanic is to force you to make decisions that will effect the rest of the game.  Another major decision that I came across is whether or not to save a child that fell through the ice of a pond.  You can do this and make you character more sane, but at the expense of being seen by the cop that will recognize you from the crime scene.

As the player plays the game, Indigo Prophecy offers an interesting twist to the player.  The game will switch between roles of Lucas Cane and the two detectives, Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles, that are tracing him down.  When the player takes over the role of the detectives for the first time, they arrive at the crime scene and have to search around to find out what happened.  The most interesting part of this for me was that all of my previous actions were still in tact.  This offered a great change of perspective and a chance to see what I missed when I was in a rush to get out of there.  The game makes the player switch between the two different detectives in order to find different evidence.  This provides me with and interesting change of pace throughout that game so far.

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