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The first snippet of game violence I found on my beat and I touched on it in a post earlier.

Slashdot Games 9/29/06

“Family members of three victims of a shooting by a 14-year-old have filed a $600 million lawsuit against the makers of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”

This article is reintroducing a lawsuit filed 2 years ago, about a 14-year-old who obsessivley played Vice City and then went on to kill his Father, Stepmother, and step sister. The lawyer for the case is none other than Jack Thompson. This is mostly likely the cause of it’s resurrection.

I believe that any medium can make children agressive, but to kill their whole family just because they played a game is ludicrous. There must be something mentally wrong with the person or they may be in an unstable enviroment socielly. Whatever the case is, pinning this kind of violence on games and only games is a little absurd. 6.2.05

MIT Professor Henry Jenkins and Anti-Violence Crusader Jack Thompson square off in a game future and violence debate.

I don’t agree with Thompsons ramblings on his Columbine times 10 theory, but I do and always will agree that the ESRB rating system is on the fritz and a new and more stable system should be issued. I would rather not have a prepubesent 13 year old boy squeeling at me in Counter-Strike. Mature Games are for Mature audiences. It’s not just the content that should make some games mature, it’s the community as well.

The Nov 21st, 2004

The is not exactly an article that I found, more of a visual intereview with three under 17 gamers who talk about their experience with Halo 2. It’s very quick and to the point, but the first two kids cancel out the last kids comment on “This game is awesome, I get to shoot aliens”

I though it was interesting to see what the underage gamers were saying about the game. It just goes to show that some youngters can handle mature games and other more unstable youth may not. It is all up to the childrens parents or legal gurdian what the children should be playing or watching. I think it is good for a child to be visually stimulated at a young age whether it be a mature game or not. If it were my children though, I would get hip to the scene my child was in and find out what it was really all about before being talked into buying an innapropriate game.


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