Woman Gamers part II

     This week in Womangamers.com, “Has a game changed the way you behave in real life?”. I found this while strolling through the forums this week. There are quite a few interesting views on this, the following are some quotes from posters on the subject.

Synthesis writes, “Several games have taught me “profound appreciation for the enlisted man”–i.e. appreciate the uncelebrated underdog. Believe it or not, but Final Fantasy VII was one of them. RTS also taught me to appreciate the “little guy”, since they do all the work.”

Novice writes, “Hmmm, games changed the way I behave? lol, actually got hired by a game company because of my real life”

Kos-Mos writes, When I was 13 we stayed on a farm in Portugal and dad decided to give me a driving lesson in our hire car (I think it was a panda something or other…)Until then, I had only played outrun so I thought you needed to put your foot all the way to the floor to go anywhere. Thankfully the local farmer was not upset by the long trail of burst water melons I left in his field.”

Mai writes, Online games have influenced the way I behave mostly by allowing me to make new friends.I can think of one thing that caused me think. In eq1 we had a guild leader that was there when I was first part of the guild and then he was absent for weeks before showing back up. He called meetings, organized events and tried to deal with the situations that people brought to him. I later learned that he was only 12 years old and that the reason he was gone early on was because his parents had brought him with them on an extended stay with family.

The interesting part of all of this was that had this been a real life situation very few people would have allowed a 12 year old to lead them. He did a passing good job and I have always wondered what such an opportunity has done for his personality and leadership skills. Game characters look a certain way and you just never know the age, gender or race of the person you are talking to. I enjoy that.”

     As you can see the responses, some believe yes and some believe no, I’m not sure how much thinking each individual put forth into their posts, but I do believe that not only games but everything else that surrounds us affects in ways we can see and even in ways we can not.

-Jason Tan

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