JW, Week 2

This Means This, That Means That
(“What do you think of this picture?”):
When it comes to intentions, just how much do our prejudices cloud our ability to judge one’s work? Will we ever escape it? Should we?


Vector: A graphic vector is created by the hall, and an index vector is created by the still of Jim Carrey running away (as well as the man walking toward camera). Since he is not moving in this still image, it can’t be considered a motion vector.

Berger (de Saussure):
Currently I am still waiting on my book to arrive, but have read up on Saussure, hoping to find something relevant.

Saussure believed that spoken language was more or less the testing ground for written language. How have more modern influences such as texting and public use of the Internet affected this idea?

EDIT: I now have the book! Here is a more relevant question.
Saussure said that humans are all about signs.
What happens when we remove the visual signs and distinguishing characteristics from a person, such as uniforms, or mandates on appearance (in places like work, prison, and the military)? Should it be allowed?

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